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Eurofins Microbiology food scientists utilize genomic data to solve complex and persistent microbial problems. Eurofins offers complete microbial profiling of food, feed, raw ingredient, environmental, water, intestinal fecal, fermented foods, swabs, soils, enrichments, probiotics, and other sample types.

What is Microbiomics?

Microbiomics is the process of obtaining a microbiome, the population or community of commensal, symbiotic, starter or pathogenic microorganisms that share a space or niche. It is based on DNA sequencing of marker genes from bacteria, yeasts, molds that are in a sample.

Eurofins Microbiology offers microbiome analytical services to provide the knowledge you need to:

  • Characterize Microbiomes of Spoiled Returned Samples
  • Understand the microbial progressions of foods  over storage
  • Identify harborages and hotspots
  • Understand raw ingredient microbiology
  • Adjust dosage of food antimicrobials
  • Adapt physical processes
  • Customize indicator microprograms to focus on specific microbes
  • Assay for spoilage organisms found from your system

Explore our entire suite of food genomic services, including metagenomics, Whole Bacterial Genome Sequencing and bacterial strain subtyping in our Food Genomics Brochure.

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