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Microbiology Special Projects

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Eurofins Microbiology scientific staff are seasoned experts in designing and executing scientific studies to provide validation data that support product and process development and regulatory compliance. Our portfolio of services includes challenge studies and assistance with all food quality and safety validation efforts. We also provide a full complement of training support for our clients including HACCP, GMP, SSOP, FSMA, and EMP. We are available on short notice to assist with persistent contamination problems or outbreak investigations.

Challenge Studies

Eurofins Microbiology Laboratories provide a comprehensive array of chemical and microbiological tests to help you with your daily food quality and safety needs. Beyond routine testing, many companies require additional testing services that our Special Projects team can deliver. From validating the performance of antimicrobial ingredients to determining whether a product requires refrigeration, to proving a new process eliminates a pathogen of interest, our Special Projects staff can design and implement a challenge study to help you obtain answers to these crucial questions.

Shelf Life Studies

Determining or confirming the expected shelf life is a critical issue when designing or updating a food product. Our Special Projects personnel can store your product under a variety of conditions to mimic your expected shelf storage parameters, and will design a shelf life study that examines the appropriate spoilage definitions, whether they be bacterial spoilage (lactics, yeasts, and molds, etc.), chemical spoilage (rancidity, pH), or organoleptic spoilage (appearance, odor). Click here for more information on shelf life studies.

Validation Studies

Food production and processing entails a variety of interventions to ensure the safety and quality of your product, and with an increasing array of regulatory and auditing environments (HACCP, FSMA, GFSI, etc.), it has become increasingly important to provide validations for the methods and materials used to control the hazards to your product. Our Special Projects department will design and perform a validation study using typical pathogenic microorganisms (e.g. Listeria monocytogenes, E. coli O157:H7, Salmonella, and other species) or against specific microorganisms of interest to your product, depending on your validation needs. Our experts have experience with auditing bodies and know what you need to produce to satisfy these validation requirements.  You’ll have data to prove compliance when inspectors, auditors, or customers question your food safety program effectiveness.

Method Comparisons

Many food processors use internal laboratories and these laboratories have access to a wide variety of testing methods. Often, a new method becomes available to these laboratories, but the manufacturer has not validated its use for that company’s specific application. Our Special Projects laboratory can evaluate a new method using your products, and determine whether the new method is statistically equivalent to the method you are currently using, helping you determine in advance whether the implementation of the new method will truly provide the improvement in methodology you expect.

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