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Fish Authenticity Testing

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Traditionally, morphological and histological approaches are used to classify fish and label them for distribution in the market place. These approaches can be time-consuming or subjective and inconsistent, especially when performed after cleaning and filleting the catch. Eurofins GeneScan’s DNA-based technology, in contrast, provides accurate and reliable identification of fish species by testing virtually any tissue sample, such as a small piece of fillet.

  • Accurate, up-to-date DNA Testing Methods
  • Fast, Predictable Delivery of Results, with Rush Service Available Upon Request
  • Quick, Responsive Customer Service
  • Competitive Pricing - Special Rates for Samples sent in bulk

Our state-of-the-art DNA laboratory is accredited to the international industry standards ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and we use the FDA recommended DNA “barcoding” technology to confirm your product’s identity and compliance with labeling requirements and determine, unmistakably, that a premium fish fillet like Red Snapper is not a lower valued substitute.

Our DNA testing service complements a comprehensive suite of other Eurofins expert seafood testing services, such as FDA import detention, antibiotic testing, decomposition, microbiology, and more