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Agave Syrup Authenticity

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Agave syrup is an emerging sugar source, both as a final product and as an ingredient in various foods.  This is due to many factors including its pleasant taste and relatively low glycemic index.  Some specifications for agave syrup are given by the Mexican government (Ref: NORMA NMX-FF-110-SCFI-2008).  Basic composition parameters are defined, such as sugar levels, ash, pH, and HMF (a sugar breakdown product).  However, fake agave sugar meeting these specifications can be produced using sugars processed from cheaper plant sources. Recent studies have confirmed such occurrences of adulteration.  As for any high value product, the financial incentive for fraud is high and authenticity should be verified. 

Download our complimentary white paper, "The Critical Assessment of Methodologies used for the Characterization of Agave Syrups" to learn about the different methods and approaches to detect fraud.

Eurofins offers several good tools for monitoring the authenticity of agave syrup.  For more information about these services please contact us