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Eurofins has modernized our pathogen detection methods to provide increased sensitivity and reliability, without changing the way your results are reported. This new Eurofins platform, BACGene, streamlines the process to give you faster turnaround time and is approved by the AOAC and AFNOR.

The table below outlines the 3 core buffers and their effectiveness of neutralizing common sanitizing agents in your facility. If you are purchasing your own environmental collection devices, we highly recommend utilizing Letheen broth whenever possible as it is most compatible with our laboratory methods. Devices with Letheen broth are cost-competitive and available from all major suppliers.  

Please reach out to your testing laboratory with any questions. For more information on BACGene and other Eurofins testing kits, visit our Technologies page.

Compatibility of different broths

  Broth types   Quantitative Indicator Methods   Molecular pathogen detection
  Letheen Broth   Compatible   Compatible
  Neutralizing Buffer   Incompatible   Incompatible
  D/E Broth   Incompatible   Compatible

Is the medium effective on sanitizing agents?

  Typical Sanitizing Agents   Letheen Broth   Neutralizing Buffer   D/E Broth
  Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (Quats)   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Iodine Preparations   Somewhat   Yes   Yes
  Chlorine Preparations   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Peroxide or Peroxyacetic Acid   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Phenolics   Yes   No   Yes
  Glutaraldehyde   No   No   Yes
  Mercurials   No   No   Yes
  Formaldehyde   No   No   Yes

Important Notice:

Buffers are added to sponges and swabs to help neutralize sanitizer residue left behind in your facility by your cleaning and sanitation crew. While these buffers facilitate organism recovery for microbiology testing, certain buffer formulations can affect certain methods negatively. Work-arounds for incompatible methods exist but can significantly reduce the sensitivity of the method.



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