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Oligo Synthesis

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As a pioneer in the art of high-throughput, automated custom oligo synthesis, Eurofins Genomics continues to develop innovative ways to serve its customers. Our scientists routinely use these oligos to perform DNA sequencing (using the Sanger method or Next Generation Sequencing technologies), cloning, gene synthesis, and qPCR services for our clients successfully.

When you order a custom DNA oligo from us, you get:

  • Easy online ordering interface
  • Single stranded custom DNA*
  • Synthesis scales from 0.01 μmol to 10 μmol
  • Huge variety of available modifications
  • Different purification options to choose from
  • Delivered lyophilized or hydrated (normalized)
  • Shipped in tubes or 96-well plates

High Quality Oligos. Fast Turn-Around Times 
With a view to ensure that your research is not delayed due to the delivery of reagents that function as expected, our custom DNA oligos are:

  • Synthesized using highly efficient phosphoramidite chemistry
  • Synthesized in a high-throughput production facility
  • Processed using highly automated technologies
  • Assayed by MALDI-TOF MS analyses and OD measurement
  • Monitored by a sophisticated barcode driven system

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