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Microbial Identification & Genomics

Microbial Identification & Genomics

Biological products and processes, especially microbial products and processes, often require a common set of genomic and cultural-based analytical testing. These include:

  • understanding what composes the microbial community
  • determining if added strains are present and in what quantities
  • assessing correlation between microbial groups and metadata from trials
  • determining the exact gene content of proprietary bacterial strains
  • identifying microorganisms to genus/species or strain levels
  • developing and validating PCR or cultural assays for qualitative and quantitative testing
  • conducting routine assays for specific species and strains
  • comparing subtypes of specific pathogens, spoilage bacteria or proprietary strains


Eurofins BioDiagnostics provides these basic microbial genomics services:

  1. Microbiome Analysis 16S/ITS Targeted or Metagenome
  2. Whole Genome Sequencing of Bacterial Isolates
  3. Microbial Identification
  4. Bacterial Strain Sub-Typing and verification
  5. Assay Development or Execution

Specific problems addressed:

Animal Health & Nutrition Models

  • Microbiome analysis of lab animals before, during and after study.
  • Tracking of probiotics or DFMs in gut or dermal samples in animal models of nutrition and disease.
  • Validation of microbiomes within treatment groups for statistical analysis of outlier subjects.
  • Identification of up and down-regulated microbial taxa during experimental progression.


Direct-Fed Microbial & Feed Additives

  • Full range of microbial services for manufacturers, researchers, and feed blenders.
  • Include DFM verification and analytical in feeds and concentrates.
  • Intestinal microbial community analysis and correlational analysis to performance data and other metadata from experiments or actual usage.
  • Gut microbiomes related to disease and healthy states.
  • Label claims including microbial levels, species or strain verification and confirmation of mixed strain products.
  • DFM whole genome sequencing for strain-to-strain comparison, regulatory compliance, and assay development.


Food Genomic & Microbial Community Analysis

  • Direct analysis of microbial community progression to test antimicrobial efficacy, unknown microbial spoilage issues, shelf life, and source tracking.
  • Assay development for indicator microbiology targeted or customized to your specific process and raw ingredients.
  • Starter culture strain typing and whole genome sequencing for strain-to-strain comparison, regulatory compliance, and assay development.
  • Bacteriophage contamination and harborage.
  • Sanitation efficacy and target organism harborage assay.



  • Determination of microbial communities before and after sanitation.
  • Identification of indicator organisms tailored to specific processes.
  • Water and wastewater microbial community analysis.


Biostimulants & Biopesticides

  • Microbiome analysis of soils, rhizomes, and plant tissues (leaves, fruit, seed, etc.).
  • Statistical comparison of microbiomes between biological/chemical treatments and genetic cultivars related to yield, plant health and disease.
  • Microbial (bacterial, fungal) biostimulant or biopesticide strain identification, quantitation, typing, and label verification.
  • Bioproduct stability (viable count).



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Botanical Identification

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Human Probiotics

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