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Genomic Pharma Services

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Eurofins Genomics has many years of experience in the application of different methods and techniques in the field of genetic analysis which are crucial for the entire drug development and production process, starting from the preclinical phase through all phases of clinical trials (phases I, II and III) through to quality control for production of biologicals.

Eurofins Genomics offers a broad spectrum of services in the areas of analysis, research and development. We offer our services for single samples as well as for batches of few to several thousand samples on high throughput level. We attach great importance to well-founded scientific consultancy prior to and during all projects and studies.

With our services we help you to develop agents and drugs more efficiently and economically, to use them optimally and precisely regarding their effectiveness, to better avoid possible adverse effects and last, but not least, to ensure the safety of the compounds through quality control during their production.

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