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Food Contact Materials Testing

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At Eurofins, we offer our customers comprehensive testing for materials and articles that come in contact with food. Testing is carried out in our accredited, specialist lab where we can ensure compliance with international regulations.

Testing Standards:

  • Regulations EC No 1935/2004, EU No 10/2011
  • Germany LFGB, BfR Recommendation
  • French Degree 2007-766, DGCCRF 2004-64
  • Italy Official Gazette GU 283, Ministerial Decree
  • U.S.A FDA Regulations 21 CFR
  • Europe Resolution ResAP, China GB Standards

Testing Capability:

  • Sensory Examination
  • Overall Migration, Evaporation Residue
  • Specific Migration of Heavy Metals, Phthalates, PAA, BPA, etc.
  • Leachable Lead and Cadmium in Ceramics and Glass articles
  • Toxic and Harmful Substances i.e. Cadmium, PAHs, Azodyes, etc.

Eurofins has the expertise to aid you with all your compliance requirements relating to food contact materials. If you have any questions, please get in touch today and let us help you be and stay compliant.