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Eurofins Agrigenomics has several locations dedicated to Animal Genetic testing, and our combined capabilities provides the industry with an unmatched and comprehensive portfolio of services.

DNA Marker Discovery

Various sequencing methods are available to assist with marker discovery in both simple and complex genomes.

Whole Genome & Transcriptome Sequencing

Dedicated data pipelines and highly experienced experts deliver high quality data from Illumina, Thermo-Fisher, PacBio and Roche sequencers.

Microbiota Testing & Environmental DNA

Bacterial and Fungal communities are determined from feces, water and soil, sediment and tissue samples through 16S, 18S, ITS RNA amplicon sequencing.

Parasite & Pathogen Characterization

Genetic characterization of viruses, bacteria, worms, lice and all other relevant parasites and set-up and validation of PCR detection kits.

Pathogen Traceability

Pathogen-strain subtyping by MLVA and Whole Genome sequencing allows us to trace the source of microbes. Long-term projects with large sample sets as well as smaller projects profit from our in-house database and our efficient bioinformatic solutions.

SNP Array & NGS-Based Genotyping

Reliable and quality data with high call rates, fast turnaround and competitive prices are available for standard Illumina Infinium BeadChips and Affymetrix Axiom Arrays.

Veterinary Diagnostics

We have the choice of different technologies for the set up of genetic marker testing for veterinary diagnostics and marker assisted breeding: Sanger sequencing and fragment length analyses as well as SNP-type and KASP assays on Fluidigm or classical real-time PCR platforms.

Parentage Verification

Parent verification is an important tool in animal breeding. Not only does it help ensure the accuracy of genetic evaluations, but it also allows to helpmanage heterosis and complementary matings. Plus, it multi-sire pasture situations, it allows for the identification of the most and least prolific sires and those who sire the most and least productive offspring. Both microsatellite (STR) and SNP-based parenatage are available through our laboratories. We welcome partnerships with breed organization and genetic service providers and samples from smaller breeders alike. Long-term projects with large sample sets as well as smaller projects profit from our in-house database and our efficient bioinformatic solutions.

Gene Expression Profiling

Choose from state of the art technologies for quantification of gene expression: transcriptome sequencing, expression arrays or target gene
expression by quantitative real-time PCR.

Genotype and Haplotype-based Genetic Condition Testing

DNA testing is a powerful tool in allowing the management of genetic conditions (GC). Testing allows for peace of mind that GC-free animals can be used without concern and undesirable outcomes can be avoided through strategic mating decisions around carrier animals. Eurofins Agrigenomics offers a comprehensive range of tests for genetic conditions for both beef and dairy cattle.

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