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Our Commitment

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Eurofins Food Safety Committment

Protection from Conflict of Interest

Eurofins provides food safety certification against industry leading food safety certification schemes such as GFSI recognized certifications of SQF, BRC, FSSC 22000 as well as other food safety standards such as ISO 22000 and FAMI-QS. The Eurofins certification body division is, Eurofins Scientific, Inc. Food Safety Systems, the premium provider of certification services of food safety management systems for the food and feed industry.  The certification process is heavily monitored within the certification body as well as by outside industry experts to ensure that there are no conflicts of interests present within the entire certification process.  Eurofins is keenly aware that even perceived conflict of interest can impact the certification process which is why we have separate legal entities and separate groups of individuals who conduct certification services from any other analytical, training or consulting service.  The certification body shall not provide any consulting services (designer, manufacturer, operator, or maintainer) during certification audits. Maintaining impartiality throughout the certification process is critical to Eurofins. As such, Eurofins maintains the certification process to prevent conflict of interest and commits that certification will not be affected by any commercial, financial or relationship interest between the client and members of the certification body. The certification body is solely responsible for its own sources of income using external revenue.

Certification Process

Facilities interested in certification can complete an easy, online application. This form provides us information on the type of certification requested, information about the facility as well as information regarding the status of their food safety management system in order to provide an accurate quote specific to the facility's unique scope of certification. A fee schedule for certification will be provided in the quote. Once the signed proposal is received by the certification body, the audit is scheduled in a timely manner with an auditor who has demonstrated competency and expertise within the specific field of the industry.  Once the audit is conducted, the facility is provided with a timely audit report and asked to respond to any necessary corrective actions in a timely manner.  The certification body then conducts an independent technical review of the audit report, ensuring quality and accuracy of the service provided. Once the certification body ensures that all elements of the standard have been achieved, a certification is issued. Additional Information about the evaluation procedures, rules and procedures for granting, maintaining, extending, or reducing the scope of certification as well as procedure for suspending, withdrawing or refusing certification can be requested by emailing A facility is not allowed to utilize the Eurofins certification mark or company logo without first obtaining written approval from the certification body.  


In the event that any interested client or stakeholder would like to provide feedback to the certification body, there is a simple form to complete which can provide information directly the certification body. If a client or stakeholder has a dispute, complaint, or appeals regarding services performed by the certification body, the interested party is asked to contact the certification body in writing, by email: The communication to the certification body should include information regarding the type of audit conducted, the date and time of the audit and the specific area of concern or dispute with either the service which was performed or the area of concern regarding an auditor’s interpretation. If the concern includes actions of the certification body, the interested party should still contact the certification body in writing to communicate the areas of the concern and the certification body will include outside industry experts in the investigation of the appeal. In all instances, the certification body will conduct an investigation into any dispute, complaint or appeal and contact the interested party with the results of the investigation.