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About Us

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Eurofins is recognized for its efforts and capabilities in the field of food safety by primary manufactures, suppliers, retailers, distributors, and processors. Our experienced auditors and staff are committed to providing you with expert knowledge, excellent customer service, and increased quality. Unsurpassed in its efforts to enhance Food Safety, Eurofins offers an array of programs which will help companies, like yours, become leaders in the market.

Food safety is vital to any manufacturer, supplier, retailer, processors, warehouse provider in the industry. With a risk for something to go wrong, it is critical to continually review and evaluate food safety programs. Eurofins will provide your site with:

  • An un-biased assessment of your programs and manuals against standards in industry
  • A new outlook and perspective on documents and procedures
  • Confidential, reliable results
  • Consistency across multiple facilities and plants nationwide