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We are pleased to announce that the Eurofins Food Assurance businesses in North America, Europe, and Asia will now work together under the newly established Eurofins Food Assurance Business Line. In North America, Food Assurance was formerly Eurofins Food Safety, a combination of Eurofins Training and Consulting, and our auditing and certification group. Our team is committed to proving the highest quality service, free from conflict of interest

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Primary manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, distributors, and processors all call upon Eurofins to protect their brands. Every site is at risk, it is critical to continually review and evaluate food safety programs. Eurofins suite of programs can not only help protect your business but add value to develop your brand into a market leader. Eurofins will provide your site with:

  • An unbiased assessment of your programs and manuals against standards in the industry
  • A new outlook and perspective on documents and procedures
  • Confidential, reliable results
  • Consistency across multiple facilities and plants nationwide

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