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International Safe Feed/Safe Food, FAMI-QS Certification Process

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How do we get started?

Eurofins provides a streamline certification process with steps outlined below:

  1. Enroll in the AFIA and FAMI-QS program through their application.
  2. Receive Scope Approval Letter from FAMI-QS and provide to Eurofins.
  3. Apply with Eurofins with our application.
  4. Receive quotation from Eurofins and agree to audit planning.
  5. Schedule audit with auditor and receive audit agenda
  6. Prepare for audit and ensure all documents necessary are available for the audit
  7. After the certification audit, close any findings within 14 days for majors and 30 days for minors.
  8. Eurofins will review report and findings for a certification decision
  9. Certificate sent by email and mail

Let's begin the ISFSF/FAMI-QS certification process.