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Are you a food safety, quality, design, packaging production, or risk mitigation professional? Learn the top reasons for packaged food, beverage, and ingredient failures—and what to do when faced with a crisis scenario.

Off-flavor and off-odor issues can damage your brand reputation and even result in recall. Watch our webinar to learn how Eurofins uses gas chromatography with mass spectral detection (GC-MS) to provide solutions for off-flavors, off-odors, and flavor scalping caused by improper product packaging, or production or transportation issues.

The suspected toxicity risks of microplastics as contaminants in drinking water sources have been known for years. However, public concerns recently thrust microplastics to the forefront of the health and safety conversation. In our webinar, Dr. Mike Dziewatkoski of Eurofins SF Analytical covers the current status of microplastics testing.

Whether it’s a finished food item or a component of pharmaceuticals, identifying suspect batches of any product is an important part of the quality control process. In this webinar, Michael Dziewatkoski of Eurofins gives you the inside look into analysis of foreign materials along with actual case studies.

Food Safety – Packaging Concerns – Opening Up a Can of …Well You Know. Learn about packing concerns from this case study performed by Eurofins SFA.

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