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Stability and Shelf Life

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Your Partner in Quality.

Your Partner in Quality.

Maintain the quality of your product over time.

The shelf life of a product must be backed by reputable data in order to meet the requirements of government regulatory agencies and retail partners. Eurofins delivers the highest levels of analytical quality and service, coupled with years of experience in shelf life determinations across a variety of product types, to deliver results you can trust. View our stability and shelf life video to see how it works for yourself.

Important Components of Shelf-life Testing:

Every product is unique, which is why we tailor each and every study to ensure that the shelf life determination is sound. We consider a number of factors when setting up the testing protocol for a given study:

  • Microbiology (mold growth, aerobic bacteria, pathogenic organisms)
  • Water activity and pH (changes over time which could result in microbial susceptibility) 
  • Rancidity (Oxidation of fats & oils)
  • Label Claims (Degradation of vitamins, nutraceutical active ingredients, and other unstable compounds, as well as loss or gain of moisture)
  • Organoleptic (Monitoring of color, texture, aroma, packaging, and/or taste as the product ages)

Using state-of-the-art stability chambers our shelf life testing protocols ensure that products are kept at specific temperatures and humidity levels throughout the duration of the study. The product is then evaluated at specific intervals to monitor any potential degradation in quality or food safety. Studies proceed until it is determined that the product is no longer acceptable based on agreed criteria.

Controlled Chambers

Our Experience Includes:

  • Pet food 
  • Dietary supplements
  • Animal feed
  • Human food 
    • Food additives and ingredients 
    • Dairy products 
    • Produce 
    • Juice & Beverage products 
    • Frozen foods 
    • Confectionary and candies 
    • Assorted snacks

Specific Conditions:

Eurofins offers six standard conditions for shelf life testing:

Condition  Environment 
Frozen  -15ºC
Refrigerated  5ºC
Ambient  25ºC / 60% RH
Intermediate 30ºC / 65% RH
Tropical  30ºC / 75% RH 
Accelerated  40ºC / 75% RH

Other conditions may also be accommodated upon request. Additionally, we have the ability to determine the photostability of products using controlled lighting conditions. To learn more about our photostability capabilities and what food products can benefit check out our photostability infographic.

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