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Testing for Life

Testing for Life

Over 70 years of excellence.

Fast, accurate, customizable expertise in regions across the US. Testing for life.

Eurofins knows your territories, and we know your bottom line depends on our top-of-the-line dairy testing services. For your dairy component and milk quality testing needs, as well as individual bovine and herd health, we provide the most advanced and efficient wet chemistry analysis to exceed quality standards. With labs and logistical solutions across the US, we’re your local food safety partner wherever you are.

What you’ll get: agility, innovation, individualized service, and a commitment to the highest standards of microbiology testing. You’ll also have access to our proprietary producer app, available through your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, for quick and easy ordering, results, and reporting.

Eurofins is science at your service:

  • Chemistry testing capabilities
  • Calibration standards for critical equipment optimization
  • Technical and advisory consultation

Eurofins provides services in two primary segments of the dairy industry:

Dairy and Dairy Product Services

Fluid natural and flavored milks/creams/wheys; powdered milks, wheys & components; sour cream mixes; ice cream mixes, shakes & soft serve mixes, malts; eggnogs; cheeses; cottage cheese dressings; cultured products, butter and more.

- Chemistry Analysis
- Custom Calibration Sets
- Calibration Standard Results
- Microbiology Analysis

Milk Producers

Official state testing and reporting, payment testing, component analysis, microbiology analysis, microbiology analyses, mastitis testing, Johnes testing, and more.

- Microbiology – Cows and Bulk Tanks
- Instrument Calibration Standards
- Mastitis Media Plates
- Mastitis DNA/PCR Testing
- Milk Pregnancy Testing
- Proximate Analysis

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