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Your Partner in Safety

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Stakeholders in the Food Service and Restaurant industry must navigate through an array of regulations and considerations that are important for their consumers.  Section 4205 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed into law on March 23, 2010, requiring nutrition labeling of "standard" menu items for chain restaurants with 20 or more locations and "similar retail food establishments.  The basic requirements for labeling compliance as mandated by the FDA are:

  • The number of calories in each standard menu item on a menu or menu board (the calorie disclosure must be “clearly associated with” and “adjacent to” the name of the standard menu item),
  • A statement on the menu or menu board that puts the calorie information in the context of a recommended total daily caloric intake,
  • Additional nutrition information for standard menu items in written form (“written nutrition information”), which must be made available to consumers upon request,
  • A “prominent, clear, and conspicuous” statement on the menu or menu board regarding the availability of the written nutrition information, and
  • The number of calories (per item or per serving) adjacent to self-service food and food on display. These foods include food sold at salad bars, buffet lines, cafeteria lines or similar self-service facilities and self-service beverages and food on display that is visible to consumers.

In addition to labeling, food safety assurance is equally as important in order to protect consumers.  With the largest breadth and depth of analytical services, Eurofins provides unparalleled testing capabilities and is committed to partnering with food service establishments and restaurants on designing testing programs to protect their respective brands and consumers.

Below are some of our services that can benefit companies in the restaurant industry with their quality systems and operations:


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