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Eurofins DQCI have become the premier Dairy Laboratory Service companies in North America. We have established our excellent industry reputation over the past 75 years by providing accurate and timely analytical results and through recommendations by our thousands of satisfied customers globally. We continue to flourish by satisfying our customers and now have three locations across the United States.

We focus our resources primarily in two major market segments: 

1. Manufacturers of Dairy and Dairy Related Products: Fluid natural and flavored milks/creams/wheys; Powdered milks, wheys & components, sour cream mixes, ice cream mixes, shakes & soft serve mixes, malts, eggnogs, cheeses, cottage cheese dressings, cultured products, butter, and more. 

2. Milk Producers: Official state testing and reporting, payment testing, component analysis, microbiology analysis, microbiology analyses, mastitis testing, johnes testing, and more. 

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