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The experts at Eurofins have identified some key considerations for environment sample collection that will help ensure quality results. These quick tips will help you build a solid foundation for detecting facility risks as you conduct your environmental monitoring programs.

Watch this webinar to learn how quality and maintenance can work together, and gain insight to demonstrate ROI to your senior management for new equipment or upgrades within your plant.

In this webinar, Doug Marshall, Chief Science Officer at Eurofins Microbiology discusses an approach to zone 1 testing that recommends non-direct-contact surfaces simultaneously for pathogens and indicators, then building a correlation between quantitative indicator count and Salmonella or Listeria prevalence. Dr. Marshall will share insights on how companies are employing this approach, including exploration of the various philosophical and scientific rationales for zone 1 pathogen testing.

Eurofins Scientific is set to open a new state-of-the-art food testing laboratory complex in Fresno, CA in summer 2018.

Collecting environment samples in an aseptic manner is critical to ensuring the quality of the testing results. Eurofins Microbiology has updated our guide to effective environmental swabbing.

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