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This poster demonstrates how DNA sequencing can be an important tool in quality control, presumptive confirmations, and environmental monitoring.

The experts at Eurofins have identified some key considerations for environment sample collection that will help ensure quality results. These quick tips will help you build a solid foundation for detecting facility risks as you conduct your environmental monitoring programs.

The success of such programs hinges not only on consistent implementation and testing, but also on the effective swabbing of your plant. Below are the top 5 mistakes our experts see plants make when sampling and submitting swabs and sponges for testing.

In this webinar, Dr. Douglas Marshall, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of Eurofins Microbiology, outlines his most valuable tips for an effective environmental monitoring program.

Collecting environment samples in an aseptic manner is critical to ensuring the quality of the testing results. Eurofins Microbiology has updated our guide to effective environmental swabbing.

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