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With a more wellness-conscious consumer market, virgin olive oil has an opportunity to attract customers with its health-boosting properties tied to polyphenols. In our webinar, John Reuther discuses pros and cons of testing methods for polyphenol determination and introduces a new quantitative method. Then, Mary Mori of California Olive Ranch discusses California agriculture regulations regarding discharge of waste streams and effect in field.

This Proposition 65 Guide will help food, ingredient, and supplement companies navigate the regulatory and testing challenges that Proposition 65 presents when selling products into the state of California.

Dr. Victoria Siegel is the Pesticides Department Manager at Eurofins CAL, located in New Orleans, LA, the contaminants testing center for Eurofins Food in North America. She has a Ph.D. in biochemistry and more than 20 years of experience in analytical chemistry.

Eurofins’ Pesticide Residue Monitoring Plan provides an understanding of how to implement a pesticide residue monitoring plan.

Eurofins’ Arsenic Testing Guide provides awareness of arsenic in food and the importance of detecting both inorganic and organic forms.

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