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This poster demonstrates how DNA sequencing can be an important tool in quality control, presumptive confirmations, and environmental monitoring.

This poster explores the use of flow cytometry in GFP-tagged Salmonella strains as positive controls for rapid qualitative Salmonella detection testing.

The experts at Eurofins have identified some key considerations for environment sample collection that will help ensure quality results. These quick tips will help you build a solid foundation for detecting facility risks as you conduct your environmental monitoring programs.

For microbiology both quantity and quality matter, and microbiological methods are classified as being either quantitative or qualitative. Which category they fall into is based on what type of data is actually collected and reported.

Salmonella depends on an effective food safety program supported by robust Salmonella detection methods. Our objective is to explore recovery of Salmonella from a background of probiotic cultures and demonstrate and validate as effective, sensitive method for detecting Salmonella in probiotic cultures to protect public health.

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