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This white paper explores off-flavor and odor investigations performed by Eurofins SFA. Authored by Eurofins' scientist Jamie Willems Ph.D.

Steam volatile oil is an important property of spices. The volatile components present in spices contribute to the aroma and flavor of the spice. This paper describes a fast, accurate, and simple technique for analysis of spices using Fourier Transform Near Infrared (FT-NIR) technology.

Researchers from Eurofins Microbiology and Third Wave Bioactives collaborated to compare the microbial succession of refrigerated chicken noodle soup. The purpose of better understanding how various culture ingredients not only prevent microbial spoilage populations, but also dive deeper into how microbial populations evolve over time.

This Proposition 65 Guide will help food, ingredient, and supplement companies navigate the regulatory and testing challenges that Proposition 65 presents when selling products into the state of California.

Adventitious presence (AP) is defined as the unintended presence of unwanted biotech traits in a seed lot. This paper outlines the basic steps required to design a robust and informative AP testing program.

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