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Watch this webinar to learn how quality and maintenance can work together, and gain insight to demonstrate ROI to your senior management for new equipment or upgrades within your plant.

Learn the important changes in Issue 8 of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety in this webinar co-hosted by Kris Middleton and BRC Global Standards’ Americas Director, John Kukoly.

Whether it’s a finished food item or a component of pharmaceuticals, identifying suspect batches of any product is an important part of the quality control process. In this webinar, Michael Dziewatkoski of Eurofins gives you the inside look into analysis of foreign materials along with actual case studies.

Obtaining a good representative sample is essential in establishing the true characterization of a seed lot. By following proper sampling procedures, seed producers can gain confidence that they have removed a potential source of error in the testing process. In our webinar, Nicolette Rusch and Terry Dunfield of Eurofins BioDiagnsotics discuss the AASCO-approved seed sampling procedures that are necessary to draw a precise sample.

In this webinar, Doug Marshall, Chief Science Officer at Eurofins Microbiology discusses an approach to zone 1 testing that recommends non-direct-contact surfaces simultaneously for pathogens and indicators, then building a correlation between quantitative indicator count and Salmonella or Listeria prevalence. Dr. Marshall will share insights on how companies are employing this approach, including exploration of the various philosophical and scientific rationales for zone 1 pathogen testing.

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