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Eurofins Appointed to SQF Technical Advisory Committee

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Eurofins Food Safety Systems is pleased to announce that it has been voted by our peers as one of the three Certification Body representatives for the SQF TAC.
The Technical Advisory Council (TAC) members represent the SQF Stakeholders including consultants, trainers, certification bodies, accreditation bodies, retailers, food service and the pre and post farm-gate industry sector. TAC members are expected to be technically competent and experts in international food safety standards and be knowledgeable about advances in food safety standards and systems.

Represent their respective stakeholder groupThe role of the SQF TAC is to:
  • Review the SQF Code and supporting documents
  • Propose changes to the Code and documents where necessary
  • Consider and endorse changes proposed by SQFI staff
  • Provided overall advice and guidance on the application of the SQF Code
  • Appoint technical sub-committees on a needs basis to develop or review documents or issues
  • Consider the outputs of the technical sub-committees
  • Make recommendations to the SQFI on improvements to training materials, implementation, audits and certification requirements
TAC members serve a 3-year rotating term with an opportunity to serve a maximum two 3-year terms. Meetings are held twice per year with one meeting in the spring and the other in conjunction with the annual SQFI Conference.
Eurofins is extremely honored to accept this new appointment. 

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