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FSMA & The Dietary Supplement Industry

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This webinar will help you understand several of the new rules under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) including an intro to Preventive Controls for Human foods (PC), Produce, and Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP). FSVP has modifications for the DS industry based on the type of operations (manufacturer, ingredient supplier, or importing finished DS). Most dietary supplement companies and ingredient suppliers in our industry are affected by FSMA, the largest shift in food regulations in the U.S. in over 70 years. We will help you understand the FDA expectations and your next steps. If you are receiving ingredients or finished products from overseas you might be identified as the FSVP importer by the supplier on shipping documentation or by the FDA. An FSVP importer has many new responsibilities including verifying the performance and compliance of the foreign supplier. This webinar is important to you to ensure there is no disruption in your supply chain. Are you ready?


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Webinar Transcription:

Genevieve: Hello everyone. Thank you for joining our FSMA and the dietary supplements industry webinar, hosted by Larisa Pavlick of UNPA and Gary Smith of Eurofins. I'm Genevieve Randall, and I'll be moderating this webinar. In this webinar, we'll be talking about the new rules for the dietary supplements industry under the Food Safety Modernization Act, also known as FSMA. We'll also include an introduction into preventative controls for human food and foreign supplier verification programs, as well as verification activities for FSMA compliance. Before we begin, I'll let you know more about how this webinar will run. The webinar is being recorded and the slides and recording will be available for you in two business days. A 15 minute Q&A session will follow this presentation to answer viewer-submitted questions. Read the full transcript.