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Pet Food Manufacturing Pain Points Digital Conference

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This recording of ‘Pet Food Pain Points’ addresses the greatest challenges facing pet food manufacturers today. Our experts, industry partners, and food safety thought leaders guided attendees through a discussion of the latest solutions and controls for persistent pet food manufacturing issues, including contaminants, pathogens, FMSA compliance, rancidity and importing to the rapidly-expanding Chinese market.

The digital symposium featured multiple opportunities for Q&A with the entire panel of experts and one-on-one follow-up sessions for free consulting on your specific challenges.

Special thank you to our presenters:

  • Lars Reimann, Chief Scientific Officer, Eurofins Scientific Inc. 
  • Kari KonradSr. Project Manager, Eurofins Nutrition Analysis Center
  • Brett BurkeProject Manager, Eurofins Nutrition Analysis Center
  • Ray MatulkaDirector of Toxicology, Burdock Group
  • John ReutherPresident, Eurofins Central Analytical Laboratories
  • Edwin PearceLab Manager, Eurofins GeneScan
  • Mehgan StykeBusiness Development Manager, Eurofins BioDiagnostics
  • Chris EkubanLab Supervisor, Eurofins Microbiology
  • Karen GerwitzNational Solutions Manager, Eurofins QTA
  • Todd Johnson, Sr. Business Development Manager, Eurofins Global Liaison Office

Session I: Pre-Production Considerations

  • FSMA and Preventive Controls
  • GFSI Requirements
  • AAFCO Requirements | Kari Konrad & Brett Burke
  • Label Claims | Kari Konrad & Brett Burke

Session II: Ingredient Considerations 

  • New Ingredient Pain Points | Ray Matulka
  • Contaminants | John Reuther
  • Allergen and GMO Label Claims | Edwin Pearce
  • Probiotics and Direct-Fed Microbial Ingredient Considerations | Mehgan Styke 

Part III: Final Product Considerations

  • Pathogens and Indicator Organisms | Chris Ekuban 
  • Shelf Life | Kari Konrad & Brett Burke
  • On-Site Testing | Karen Gerwitz
  • Importing and Exporting Products or Ingredients | Todd Johnson

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