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Switching Sweets: Economic Adulteration in Sugar-Rich Foods

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Economic adulteration has long been a subject of concern. Dilution, mislabeling, partial or complete substitution of expensive ingredients are not infrequent practices. As there are many less expensive alternatives available for suppliers to extend their sugar rich products; including fruit juices, honey, maple syrup and agave syrups, consumers are increasingly concerned about adulterated products.  In order to determine the authenticity of a product, it is important to know the types of adulteration possible and the means of identifying them. In this webinar, we will discuss the legal remedies available to the government and private parties who fall victim to such fraudulent conduct. The webinar will highlight notable cases of adulteration and discuss how they can be detected. The webinar will review the methods that should be used as part of a good quality assurance program.

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