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Zone One Testing: Do You Dare?

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Many experts advise never testing zone 1 surfaces for pathogens due to recall risk if such surfaces are found contaminated with a pathogen. However, such advice – ignoring your greatest risk surfaces for your greatest food safety risk – seems logically flawed. In this SafetyChain and Eurofins co-hosted webinar, Doug Marshall, Chief Science Officer at Eurofins Microbiology discusses an approach to zone 1 testing that recommends non-direct-contact surfaces simultaneously for pathogens and indicators, then building a correlation between quantitative indicator count and Salmonella or Listeria prevalence. 

Dr. Marshall will share insights on how companies are employing this approach, including:

  • Exploration of the various philosophical and scientific rationales for zone 1 pathogen testing
  • How to justify your zone 1 pathogen testing program to inspectors, auditors, and customers
  • Examples of where ignoring zone 1 pathogen testing led to a deadly outcome

This webinar was originally recorded on August 22, 2018 and was part of the SafetyChain webinar & podcast series "Beyond Compliance".

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