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Product Design

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Science at Your Service

Science at Your Service

Sensory science, consumer insights, and process developement

Innovating and iterating, in ever-evolving territories. We immerse to earn the right to imagine.

Your Eurofins partners are food and sensory scientists, chefs, market researchers, process engineers, project managers, statisticians, survey designers and programmers, and research operations experts.

Eurofins’ rapid, consumer-driven, iterative sprint approach powers our client partnerships. Our teams collaborate with yours to develop innovative strategies to integrate concept, package, and product to capture relevant consumer feedback.

Our partnership begins with open, collaborative exploration to identify unique solutions, anticipate challenges, and solve along the journey. Eurofins sensory, consumer, and product research provide end-to-end product design and development services, from the discovery of consumer needs and product ideation through commercialization.

We empower our partners to protect and enhance brand quality, maximize margins, and deliver high-quality, keenly targeted products that delight consumers:

  • Consumer product research methods
  • Objective sensory evaluation
  • Culinary and technical product design and formulation
  • Process development
  • Shelf life evaluation

Let's find your solution.