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Foreign Material ID

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Science at Your Service

Science at Your Service

Over 100 years of combined experience.

With over 100 years of experience, Eurofins SF Analytical leads the industry in foreign material identification, contaminant identification, and solving challenges in the food, beverage, and ingredient sectors.


- Proprietary isolations
- Extractions
- Filtration of suspect material or foreign objects
- Contaminants analysis
- Impurity analysis
- High-resolution optical microscopy with digital imagery


Foreign objects, particles, contaminants as small as 100 nano-meters, or present at parts per billion concentrations using state of the art technologies including but not limited to, SEM-EDXA, FTIR, NMR, ICP-MS, GC-MS, and LC-MS.

Morphology matches from high-resolution imagery and comparison to an extensive, proprietary database of chemicals, materials, contaminants, and foreign objects. This is combined with the skills, knowledge, and experience of Eurofins SF Analytical Ph.D. scientists and state-of-the-art analytical techniques.

Comparative Analyses

Spectral libraries with over 100,000 FTIR spectra for matches and over 300,000 GC-MS spectra for matches including NIST Library, comprehensive Wiley flavors, and fragrance library. In addition, thousands more spectral, chromatographic, and thermal mechanical scans.

Analytical "fingerprints" and images from thousands of successful investigations and reports performed by Eurofins SF Analytical scientists on challenging investigations. These investigations encompass companies ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 500 global food, beverage, contract manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical device, aerospace, coatings, polymers, transportation, semiconductor, and high-tech material companies.


- Finished products like supplements, tablets, softgels, capsules, energy drinks, spirits, meat, cheese, juices, dairy, infant formula, squeezable fruit and vegetable pouches
- Off-flavor, odor, color, appearance, aesthetics, texture, and consistency
- Flavor scalping
- Packaging materials
- Packaging failures
- Raw materials: food ingredients, pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients, and fine chemicals
- Microbiology and genomics as orthogonal techniques
- On-site field investigations and sampling plans
- Insurance claims and litigation support

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