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Legal and Insurance Services

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Science at Your Service

Science at Your Service

Legal and insurance claim assistance.

Our team is pleased to offer you our expert chemical, microbiological, and physical testing services for litigation support and insurance claims. Eurofins SF Analytical is renowned for successfully investigating the most challenging problems in the food, beverage, and packaging industries; including product recall support, insurance and legal investigations.

Legal & Insurance Claims

  • Foreign material identification
  • Contamination: accidental or intentional
  • Food contact materials (FDA, European Commission)
  • Damaged/spoiled materials
  • Expert reporting and documentation
  • Expert witness services


Guide to Selecting an Independent Testing Laboratory - Some things to Consider:

The Type of Lab Needed:

  • Routine testing lab
    • Focus in certain sample types or tests (food, pharmaceutical, environmental)
    • Experienced in certain testing
    • High throughput focus
  • Non-routine testing lab
    • Specialized focus on solving obscure and complex problems
    • Utilizes wide array of techniques
    • Experienced problem solvers

Other Critical Considerations:

  • Required: ethical practices, no conflict of interest, independence, objectivity
  • Confidentiality/attorney-client privilege capabilities
  • Observes strict chain of custody/securing/storing samples
  • Capabilities, quality certifications, reputation (technical credibility)
  • Turnaround time and sensitivity to delays
  • Capacity, instrumentation, experience, industry-specific expertise
  • Deliverables: data, interpretation, written reports
  • Communication, access to scientists at each step. Are the right questions being asked?
  • Expert witness services: testimonies, depositions, affidavits
  • Price considerations
  • Lab location

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