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Pesticide Residue Testing Services

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Eurofins Central Analytical Laboratories (Eurofins CAL) is a global leader in pesticide residue testing with 20 years of experience in food and environmental testing. Our use of ultra-modern analytical instrumentation, broad testing experience across multiple food industry groups, and highly trained staff sets us apart from other testing laboratories in the industry.   We have the most comprehensive pesticide scope available with over 800 chemical standard compounds in our inventory.   We participate regularly in all major global Proficiency Testing programs for pesticide residues for the most common agricultural commodities in commerce and harmonize our methods with other Eurofins residue laboratories around the world.

Eurofins CAL offers a series of large multi-residue screens to provide a more cost-effective option for our clients.  The selection process for the pesticides included in our multi-residue screens is based on the following criteria:  specific groups of commodities, compendium methods, and regulations mandated by local, national and international authorities.  As a result, our packages are ideal for clients exporting commodities from the US. Some of these packages include multiple methods because they are crafted to include known used chemicals for specific markets.

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