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How it Works

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A spectrometer is placed at your site. The QTA system is offered on a subscription basis and does not require any capital investment. 

Using a computer connected both to the spectrometer and to the internet, users log on to the QTA website using a secure username and password. Upon login, you have access to a library of calibration algorithms specific to your materials.

Before running a sample, users will fill out the below screen in order to tell the machine what they are looking to scan. 


Users then place a sample on a diamond in the middle of the disk. 


Samples will be scanned using infrared and will send scans to be processed by our patented cloud-based computing software. The central processor uses existing algorithms to interpret the light spectra, then sends a result back to your computer. 


A results screen will display the full analysis performed on the sample.  All results will be stored for later retrieval. The entire process takes less than 2 minutes, is non-destructive and usually requires no sample preparation.