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Creating a product that consistently reflects the quality and personality of your brand, batch after batch, is essential in the craft beer industry. Proper beer chemistry analysis and microbiology lab services are now critical resources for achieving competitive levels of quality.

Eurofins QTA® has developed an on-site testing service tailored to the needs of the craft beer industry.

Whether you need to monitor the brewing process or detect issues before they arise, we provide the tools necessary to achieve the quality and traits you desire, batch after batch. The QTA® solution combines Infrared technology with an easy-to-use interface to provide access to accurate, third-party lab results that can be run by anyone in your lab or brewery.

With QTA®, brewers can obtain results for multiple beer chemistry specifications in a 60-second test cycle using only a single drop of sample. There are no chemical reagents or sample preparation needed.  Consult the chart below for a preview of some of our capabilities.

Beer Testing Capabilities

If you are interested in learning more about what QTA® can provide for the beer industry please contact us.

No Capital Investment

We provide the Instrumentation, models and the technical support on a subscription based service.  This allows for clients to gain access to our 3rd party onsite testing without the burdens of a large upfront cost, and the reassurance that if we are not right for you, cancellation is always an option.


After contacting QTA® at 1-866-yourQTA, we work with your team to develop a testing package for your specific analysis needs. Shortly after, an instrument will be installed on-site and you will be able to begin using the QTA® solution immediately. As part of our package, QTA® provides all customers with 24/7