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QTA is a leading provider of on-site testing solutions to members of the biodiesel industry.  We provide clients with actionable data using our patented combination of the latest in infrared technology, custom models and an easy to use interface.

 The QTA Solution for Biodiesel

When using our system, users can simultaneously analyze multiple sample parameters in a 60-second testing cycle. Our infrared-based technology reduces the cost of wet analysis because it does not require chemicals, reagents or skilled personnel to run tests. The QTA system requires no sample prep and only needs a drop of sample to be placed on its disk before returning results immediately to the user.

Instantaneous results allow for more frequent testing, less product reformulation and decreased waiting time for quality and process analyses. Producers can expect a production yield increase of up to 15%.


QTA@ System: Biodiesel Capabilities
-- Referee Method Range Reproducibility -- Referee Method Range Reproducibility
B100 B100 (EN)
Acid Number, mg KOH/g ASTM D664 0.1-4.3 0.24 CFPP, deg C ASTM D6371 -14-12 2.30
*Cloud point, deg C ASTM D2500 -7-18 3.14 Density, Kg/m3 ASTM D4052/D1217 873-891 1.96
*Free Glycerin, % ASTM D6584 0 - 0.3 0.01 Ester, % EN14103 83-99.9 1.96
*Total Glycerin, % ASTM D6584 0-0.6 0.08 Iodine Value AOCS Cd 1b-87 46-152 2.54
*Methanol, % EN141110 0-3.2 0.10 Viscosity, mm2/s ASTM D445 3.8-5.2 0.20
Moisture, % ASTM D630 0-0.2 0.03 Glycerin
*Monoglycerides, % ASTM D6584 0-2.8 0.27 Ash, % AOCS Ea 2-38 0-15 1.18
Diglycerides, % ASTM D6584 0-2.2 0.27 Glycerin, % AOCS Ea 6-94 2.3-99.9 2.55
Triglycerides, % ASTM D6584 0-2.7 0.31 Methanol, % GC/FID 0-60 1.80
Oxidation Stability, Hr EN 14112 0.5-14.8 4.31 Moisture, % AOCS Ea 8-58 0.3-51.2 1.18
In-Process Biodiesel Incoming Oil
Monoglycerides, % ASTM D6584 0-8.4 0.43 Free Fatty Acids, % AOCS Ca 5a-40 0-60 1.18
Diglycerides, % ASTM D6584 0-24 0.61 Moisture, % KF Moisture 0-1 0.14
Triglycerides, % ASTM D6584 0-81.7 0.91 Methanol
FFA, % AOCS Ca 5a-40 0-78.7 1.31 Moisture, % KF Moisture 0-100 0.78
*Included in D6751 as an alternate test method
Updated 7/24/2016


Our Method

The QTA method AOCS Ck 2-09 has been validated against ASTM D6708 and ISO 5725 for testing biodiesel and exceeds the BQ-9000 testing requirements. The procedure has been incorporated as an acceptable alternative method in the ASTM D6751 standard for biodiesel quality. In addition, QTA participates in the ASTM Interlaboratory Crosscheck Program to ensure ongoing accuracy of our methods.

No Capital Investment

With our unique subscription-based model, QTA bypasses prohibitive upfront costs to implement a full-service lab when using our solution. This provides plants of all sizes access to high-quality ASTM approved testing methods from the commissioning and regulate production from day one.