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Chemical Testing

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Whether producing chemicals or applying chemicals to any variety of substrates, QTA can provide you with the capability to analyze a huge variety of chemical components and properties – with results in less than 2 minutes.   

QTA analysis is non-destructive, requires no sample preparation, and is complete in less than two minutes – enabling you to increase yields, improve quality, and decrease inventory holds. 

Chemical Testing Capabilities

Some examples of QTA capabilities for chemical analysis include: 

  • Chemical property analysis of raw materials, in-process samples & finished products for properties such as acid, iodine, or hydroxyl values, titer, degree of polymerization, saponification values, etc.
  • Chemical composition analysis of these same materials for components such as moisture, free fatty acids, glycerides, esters, or almost anything else that is organic and its concentration greater than 0.05%
  • Identification and confirmation of incoming raw materials
  • Formulation blend ratios
  • Identification of known contaminants or byproducts at levels greater than 0.05%
  • Chemical concentration on surfaces, including fabrics, granules, metals, etc. 

QTA Analysis can be conducted on chemicals in most physical forms, including solids, liquids, suspensions, pastes, etc.