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QTA provides chemical producers with on-site, third-party analysis using our non-destructive, near infrared (NIR) solution. With a QTA solution, users can quickly and accurately analyze multiple parameters of a sample in a 60-second test cycle without the need for sample prep or technical experience.

There are many unique benefits of using QTA for the crop protection industry, including:

  • Consistency through environmental changes – QTA models are capable of keeping samples at an even temperature to maintain consistent results across samples, depending on the type of sample. Our models will adjust to accommodate a majority of environmental changes.
  • Instant analysis of organic materials – The ever-changing nature of organic materials can make them difficult to test. However, by using NIR/IR analysis the QAT solution is able to quickly get a 60-second snapshot of the sample finding its exact composition at that time.
  • Reduced exposure to hazardous materials – Since samples can be contained inside of sealed glass containers and scans run in only one 60-second test cycle, users have limited exposure to hazardous materials.
  • Accurate testing of hygroscopic materials - When working with hygroscopic materials, air exposure can change the composition of the sample and give an inaccurate result when testing. With the QTA system, users can put a sample in sealed glass vials and use NIR/IR to scan through glass without exposing the sample to oxygen.
  • Scan multiple parameters in one short test - QTA users reduce wait time on QA testing and catch out of spec products faster. The system provides users with testing results on multiple properties of a single sample in one 60-second testing cycle.

Chemical Testing Capabilities 

No Capital Investment

We provide the Instrumentation, models and the technical support on a subscription based service.  This allows for clients to gain access to our 3rd party onsite testing without the burdens of a large upfront cost, and the reassurance that if we are not right for you, cancellation is always an option.


After contacting QTA® at 1-866-yourQTA, we work with your team to develop a testing package for your specific analysis needs. Shortly after, an instrument will be installed on-site and you will be able to begin using the QTA® solution immediately. As part of our package, QTA® provides all customers with 24/7