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Hop Analysis

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Rapid Hop Analysis with QTA®

Hops are a key ingredient in the brewing process containing alpha acids, beta acids and other volatile materials that give beers distinct aromas and flavors.

Hop quality is normally verified using wet chemistry methods the require reagents such as toluene, but these methods can be time-consuming and affect the cycle time of a facility. QTA® provides a method of analysis which allows for hops to be for multiple parameters, such as alpha and beta acids, in 60 seconds using the latest in Infrared technology (see table 1). The QTA® system is capable of testing hops in wet, dry and pelletized forms. The system is easy to set up and perfect for farms, factories or other remote operations.

The QTA® solution is an on-site analysis and data management service which eliminates the need for expensive instrumentation or lab experience. The service combines highly advanced, nondestructive, infrared technology with a quick and easy to use interface. Growers now have the ability to monitor critical traits in a 60-second test cycle with just a cup of sample.

Table 1: QTA® Testing Capabilities for Hops

Hop Analyses


 No Capital Investment

QTA® provides the Instrumentation, models and the technical support on a subscription based service. This service allows clients access to our third-party on-site testing without the burden of large upfront costs and the reassurance that if we are not right for you cancellation is always an option.


After contacting QTA® at 1-866-yourQTA, we work with your team to develop a testing package for your specific analysis needs. Shortly after, an instrument will be installed at your site and will be ready to use immediately. As part of our package, QTA® provides all customers with 24/7 technical support.