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Eurofins QTA® provides on-site testing services specific to the needs of the spice industry. Using our NIR solution, spice producers can expect reports on moisture, volatile oils, pipeline content and other traits all from a 2-minute test cycle run on a single sample. Our system has been validated through ASTA and is capable of replacing many of the lengthy test methods currently being used in the industry.

QTA® combines non-destructive, infrared technology with a quick and easy-to-use interface that allows users to obtain on-site results in minutes. This combination of equipment, cloud-based analysis, and 24/7 service prevents production bottlenecks in quality assurance and reduces capital investment in labor and technology.

Spice Testing Capabilities

As part of our full-service solution, QTA® provides its users with instrumentation, models and regular software updates. Users also have access to our 24/7 technical support and training services for new users.

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