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How To Submit A Sample

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Eurofins US laboratories are conveniently located throughout the US in order to efficiently serve our clients. For this reason, a client submitting a sample to any single Eurofins US laboratory will benefit from the scientific expertise, analytical range, and client service support of our entire US team. With the additional ease of Eurofins’ online tools and our new online ordering process, submitting an order is faster and easier than ever.

The ability to reduce turn-around times, keep up to date with your orders, export the results into multiple formats and print validated certificates are all at your fingertips.


Eurofins Online (EOL)
Eurofins Online is a simple and secure web-based portal for submitting orders and reviewing data online. With Eurofins online, you are able to enter orders based on quotations, manage repeat orders and custom views, and follow samples through the testing process. Results and historical data can be viewed, formatted and exported in a variety of ways, creating a customized user experience.

Tailored to clients with complex data needs, EuroPortal features a flexible and customizable system that handles a variety of tasks, from data reporting and trending to supplier performance monitoring. With EuroPortal, users have access to their results from any Eurofins laboratory.  

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Designed for clients who already have internal order management IT systems (e.g. SAPS), but need to have their system connected to submit orders and receive data to and from Eurofins’ systems.

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