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Moisture, Protein, Fat, Fiber and Ash are commonly referred to as Proximates since their sum totals approximately 100% of many feed stuffs. Missing from this approximation are several carbohydrates and other minor components.

Timeliness remains a factor for providing proximate analysis to our customers. We offer quick turnaround time for proximate testing and same day analysis can be arranged for a surcharge.

Eurofins Nutrition Analysis Center can highlight the benefit of your products by running proximate assays by accredited methods following AOAC, AOCS, AACC, USDA and USP.

Eurofins Nutrition Analysis Center is a referee laboratory for soybean analysis under NOPA's referee program.

Proximate Testing offered:

  • Moisture
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Ash
  • Fiber

Eurofins Nutrition Analysis Center (ENAC) is committed to providing our clients with timely, high quality results. The Eurofins FastTrack program offers quick turnaround times for proximate testing for soybean meal. With Eurofins FastTrack, you will receive results for your soybean meal proximate testing in 3 business days or less with a money back guarantee. Methods are moisture by Forced Draft Oven, Protein by Combustion, and Fiber by Ankom. Samples have to be submitted with FastTrack Sample Submission Form. Please label box with FastTrack sticker provided by ENAC.

• Moisture & Protein 
• Moisture & Fiber
• Moisture, Protein, & Fiber 

ENAC also offers a fourth package using infrared spectroscopy (NIR) on soybean meal.
Results can be computed in 24 hours!

• Moisture, Protein, Fiber & Fat 

To sign up for the FastTrack program, please contact