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Living in Lancaster

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Learn more about where our facilities are located and the great things each community has to offer.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Lancaster, a charming, historical city, boasts a wealth of cultural activities, great restaurants and attractions. In the educational sphere, it's the home of Franklin and Marshall College with Millersville University located just a few miles outside the city limits. Our facility, set in an idyllic farm area, is a pleasant five-mile drive from all of the advantages Lancaster has to offer. Employees can gaze out over cows grazing or Amish farmers plowing fields with a team of mules and still be in the center of a city celebration within 15 minutes. Maybe that's why Lancaster was named an All American City—it has the best of everything. For those wanting the stimulation of large cities, Philadelphia, Baltimore and DC are all within a few hours drive.

Forbes Magazine names Lancaster, PA one of the coolest US cities to visit in 2018

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