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Outsourcing and Insourcing: How Eurofins solves the bio/pharma industry’s challenges associated with meeting drug development timelines and budgets with restricted headcounts
Carolyn Hoppe, Eurofins PSS Insourcing Solutions

Intact Mass Analysis of Therapeutic Proteins
John Snyder, Research Fellow

Extractable and Leachables Studies: designed and performed to meet all intended needs
Thomas Lehman, Ph.D., Director, Method Development and Validation and Extractables and Leachables

Planning the Execution of a Viral Clearance Study
Doug Rea, Research Fellow, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories

Bio/Pharmaceutical Methods: Do your Analytical Methods Hold Up to Regulatory Scrutiny?
Jon S. Kauffman, Ph.D., Senior Director and Cynthia Eby, Principal Technical Specialist/Group Leader, Protocol Development and Technical Support

Managing Cell Based Potency Assays – From Development to Lifecycle Maintenance
Dr. Weihong Wang, Manager of Molecular and Cell Biology

Cleaning Validations: Alternatives for monitoring non-soluble compounds
Tom Lehman, Ph.D., and Eric Lingenfelter, Method Development and Validation