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Founded in 1900, and evolving over the past century, Eurofins SFA Lab is a member of a world-wide group of laboratories which has served the testing and investigation needs for over 2,000 clients in North America and thousands more worldwide. Eurofins SF Analytical Labs is one of Wisconsin's largest multi-disciplined labs, performing challenging Food, Specialty/Investigative, and Environmental Analyses.

Eurofins SF Analytical is known as the "can do" laboratory where clients can speak directly to competent and experienced scientists. We are committed to providing the best solution to client's challenging problems with accurate and precise results. 

Our multiple testing disciplines serve the following types of clients, with cross-service seamlessly performed by more than one department, as it fits the needs/expectations of each client, and their required turnaround times:

Services: Special Investigative Analysis, NutritionEnvironmental 

Our qualified, senior scientists and chemists have been with Eurofins SF Analytical for on average over 10 years, with some having over 30 years experience, and all are mentoring our younger scientists who will serve future testing needs of clients during the next 30 years. Click here to learn about the history of SFA Labs.

ESFA is Center of Excellence for Meat Import Council of America (MICA) Testing