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In this webinar, Doug Marshall, Chief Science Officer at Eurofins Microbiology discusses an approach to zone 1 testing that recommends non-direct-contact surfaces simultaneously for pathogens and indicators, then building a correlation between quantitative indicator count and Salmonella or Listeria prevalence. Dr. Marshall will share insights on how companies are employing this approach, including exploration of the various philosophical and scientific rationales for zone 1 pathogen testing.

In this webinar, Dr. Douglas Marshall, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of Eurofins Microbiology, outlines his most valuable tips for an effective environmental monitoring program.

The Eurofins US Food division hosted a free webinar on the latest applications of microbiomes and WGS for the food industry.

Eurofins Microbiology's Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Doug Marshall, has been named a candidate for Secretary of the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) in the 2018-2019 election.

Food Genomics Column: In the world of regulatory and probiotic microbiology the “name” is critical.

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