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This poster—originally presented at IFT’s annual 2019 meeting—seeks to determine the robustness of LAMP pathogen assays by testing wide variations in temperature, incubation time, and other conditions, to facilitate efficient laboratory operation in “real world” conditions.

Our objective was to compare the efficacy of commercially available pathogen screening platforms for detecting Salmonella in probiotic cultures to permit evidence-based platform selection.

This poster demonstrates how DNA sequencing can be an important tool in quality control, presumptive confirmations, and environmental monitoring.

This poster explores the use of flow cytometry in GFP-tagged Salmonella strains as positive controls for rapid qualitative Salmonella detection testing.

Salmonella depends on an effective food safety program supported by robust Salmonella detection methods. Our objective is to explore recovery of Salmonella from a background of probiotic cultures and demonstrate and validate as effective, sensitive method for detecting Salmonella in probiotic cultures to protect public health.