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Eurofins breaks ground on new facility in Madison, WI. The new lab is scheduled to open in February 2021.
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Third-party food safety testing is a surefire strategy to save money, boost quality, and increase profit margins. Find out how Eurofins can partner with your company.
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As you may know, the FAMI-QS code has gone through an update to version 6. The Secretariat announced that there will be a 3-year transition to version 6 from version 5.1. The transition already started on October 2, 2017. As your certification body, we would like to provide you with the following timetable of activities and clarifying information.

In November, Eurofins was privileged to join with FSSC to host a webinar reviewing the changes to ISO 22000:2018 and FSSC 22000 V5. A key component of the information presented was the transition timeline, which can be viewed here.

For microbiology both quantity and quality matter, and microbiological methods are classified as being either quantitative or qualitative. Which category they fall into is based on what type of data is actually collected and reported.

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