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Have you ever wondered about the journey of your sample once you’ve sent it to Eurofins? This handy infographic shows the life cycle of a sample once we’ve received it in our laboratory, from labeling and identification through analysis and reporting.

Opportunity is rapidly growing for new feed ingredients intended to improve the well-being of both companion animals and livestock. Our webinar aims to address the unique analytical, nutritional, and regulatory challenges that accompany novel animal food ingredients.

Here we are in the third post of a six-post series focusing on pet food, pet treat, and pet supplement testing considerations. We have explored guaranteed analysis and other testing considerations such as shelf life and microbes. This time around I’ll expand on a topic that people often view as less a food safety issue and more of a palatability issue: Rancidity.

This series is focused on getting new pet food, pet treat, and pet supplement businesses headed down the right path.

Whether you’re considering selling your homemade pet treats or starting a new pet treat business, one of the first steps you may find yourself tasked with is determining what a guaranteed analysis is. Figuring out how to have a product tested and what information is pertinent can be intimidating – the information in this post is intended to get you started in the right direction.

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