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This scientific poster demonstrates how flow cytometry can be used to accurately and precisely enumerate B. coagulans and B. subtilis in a gummy matrix.

Our objective was to compare the efficacy of commercially available pathogen screening platforms for detecting Salmonella in probiotic cultures to permit evidence-based platform selection.

Enumeration provides the most basic required information with methodologies evolving to provide improved accuracy, precision, and turnaround times. Acoustic-assisted hydrodynamic flow cytometry incorporates the advance of using sound waves to align the particles in the fluid stream for counting, reducing the time to result.

Salmonella depends on an effective food safety program supported by robust Salmonella detection methods. Our objective is to explore recovery of Salmonella from a background of probiotic cultures and demonstrate and validate as effective, sensitive method for detecting Salmonella in probiotic cultures to protect public health.

DuPont Nutrition & Health (N&H) and Eurofins have developed and validated strain-level identification assays in probiotic testing, leading the way for industry-wide product integrity and label accuracy.

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